2017 Wrap Up

While I’m still actively writing, writing on my own blog became a yearly activity.

And it’s time to wrap up 2017!

On surface, 2017 doesn’t seems like a fulfilled year.

But think deeper, it’s just me being chasing for more.

I do have quite a number of highlights for 2017:

Sustainable new business

In 2016, I finally started a software firm. Starting is easy, sustaining is hard.

The business stepped into 2017 without real promising business plan.

But 1 year down the road, 2017 became the highest in business revenue throughout my 4 years business endeavour.


Reboot old business

Next Trip was started in 2014, but it doesn’t need a genius to tell you that, the whole thing was operated poorly for past 1~2 year.

And finally restructure had taken place, and it’s now being transformed from a hobby business to a truly media business.

Hopefully result will be seen in 2018.


Meeting new people

Probably a year that I met with the most number of new people.

From young talent, new industry/clients, KOL, C level personnel to MNC director.


Continuous learning

Learning takes time, and money too. Glad that I still had both and learnt something new in 2017.

And also influenced more people to learn.



After failing once, never thought that I would jump into another IT startup so soon.

With more manpower, more experience and network, hopefully this new startup will go further.

Will be launching in mid 2018.


Well, I think that summed up my 2017. See you in 2018.